Have a theme song

In my quest to be a little bit happier and less of an asshole, I have been looking in all kinds of places, books, documentaries, podcasts, televisions shows…yep I said it good old TV. The other day I was at my hippy church and they sang Best Day of My Life, from American Authors, and I thought “what a perfect theme song to have!” I also remembered an episode of Ally McBeal that involved her having a theme song. Do you remember this show? I LOVED IT! I think it was Ally’s overactive imagination that I connected with. Anyways, one episode she decided to have a theme song, something she could start playing in her head when she was having a shitty time to cheer her up and give her confidence. I remembered for a while after that show I had a theme song…because why not emulate TV characters in your quest to be happy?! I don’t know what it was then (it was 2001, I was 18, so probably something from Dr. Dre or Eminem). Regardless if the idea came from a TV show, I think this is a great way to remind myself life is fucking awesome and EVERYDAY should be the best day of my life.

So I’ve started a play list to listen to every morning when I first wake up and then periodically throughout the day when I need a boost! It helps remind me of my goals to 1) have the best year/month/week/day of my life 2) BE HAPPY. So far I have two songs on it: Best Day of My Life from American Authors and Happy by Pharrell Williams. I have been listening to these songs every morning for a couple weeks now and I can say it really helps me start my day in a happy, positive mood. The songs also get stuck in your head. And I don’t think there could be anything better than having “this is the best day of my life” or “cause I’m happy” on repeat in your brain all day. Talk about some positive self-talk.

If you are picking a theme song, I would suggest looking for something that has a “positive affirmation” included in the chorus. So if it does get stuck in your head your brain is singing something positive to you all day long.

Do you have a theme song that I should add to my list? If so share in the comments below.