The Quest for an Acne Free Face – The No No List

A Little History on my Acne

I started the struggle with Acne in my early teens, actually I think I was 11-12 when the first red bumps started to pop up and I begged my mom to start wearing makeup. She was empathetic and gave in to my demands, allowing me to slather a variety of products all over my face. After numerous dermatologist visits, I ended up finding the “cure”, two rounds of Acutane later, my face seemed to done tormenting me. (I also believe this same Acutane is what gave me stomach issues later in life that took months  years of natural remedies to cure, I am sure to talk more on that in a later post.)

Around this same time in life, I also went on birth control due to horrible cramping during my period. I believe I was 15 when I first stared popping “the pill.” In my late 20’s I decided to go off of it for awhile, not wanting to continue putting hormones into my body…breakouts ensued almost immediately. I tried to fight them for a couple of years and then gave in and went back on “the pill.” Fast forward to my early 30’s, fighting stomach problems and deciding to once again go off the pill in an attempt to cure my self-diagnosed IBS. Result = cured tummy with a side of pimple face.

Now I am 34 with the pimply face of a 16 year old and all the same helpless feelings that come with attempting to cure my acne with traditional methods. And I AM DONE. So like curing my stomach I am going the more traditional route. Through research and looking at face mapping I have determined my acne is hormonal, an imbalance in my body in the lady part region. We are also planning on starting a family in the next year, so vanity is not my only reason for wanting to find hormonal balance. I will have a future post on curing the “internal” side of my acne. For now I am starting with all of the crap in makeup, cleaners, lotions, and other natural and unnatural face products.

Much of this list comes from this post from TheLOVEVitamin. This had become my new #1 resource for research on natural acne cures. As I have started to research healthy products to use on my face I am finding this is a difficult task! It seems like EVERYTHING has some sort of crap or potentially pore clogging ingredient. So for now I am either attempting to create my own products OR (like in the case of makeup) finding products that don’t list one of these ingredients in the 1st 5 ingredients on the label (in case you didn’t know, ingredients go from the most prevalent to the least on labels).

You can download and Skin Ingredients to Avoid It is sorted alphabetically.

I have a copy of it saved to my phone. I plan on spending extra time when I go to the store to be able to compare each ingredient on the back of any skin product I am buying to this list. Warning: I found this was a frustrating process at first!

I will also continue to write posts when I find approved products or when I create my own products that work for me.

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  1. I have the same issue. Image skin care (can be found on amazon) has done wonders for me.. and Brandon!
    Let me know!

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